Company Background

In 1996, Hongkong Land joined Jardine Davies, Metrobank, Equitable Bank & San Miguel Properties in forming Jardine Land. The joint venture focused on strategic land banking & the development of premium middle-income housing in the Philippines. In 2005, Hongkong Land acquired Jardine Davies’ interest in Jardine Land and became the single largest shareholder, owning 40%.

Enforcing the joint venture’s renewed commitment to provide high-quality residential developments in the Philippines, the Company name Jardine Land, Inc. was changed to NorthPine Land, Inc. in 2006. Through the years, NorthPine Land has built a solid reputation for distinction, quality and value for money.

Currently, NorthPine Land has several ongoing horizontal developments, namely Greenwoods, Forest Ridge, South Hampton, Kohana Grove, Kahaya Place, Wind Crest, Montana Views and Montana Strands.


Northpine Real Estate Investment Limited | a UK Registered Company



Investment plans

Northpine has two distinct investment plans to choose from. Both plans are structured with simplicity in mind so that even the newest of investors can interpret and leverage either plan to cultivate respectable profits.

  • Daily plan
  • Fixed plan

for 30 Calendar Days

Payment Days: Monday to Saturday
Total Return: 120% Total Return (20% Net)
Min - Max Withdrawal: BTC 0.0005 - No Limit
Min - Max Deposit: BTC 0.001 - No Limit

after 14 Calendar Days

Payment Days: at the end of contract
Total Return: 110% Total Return (10% Net)
Min - Max Withdrawal: BTC 0.0005 - No Limit
Min - Max Deposit: BTC 0.001 - No Limit

Our Advantages

The advantages are countless. But let's highlight the most important ones.

  • Legal

    Northpine Real Estate Investment Limited is a legal company registered in UK as a private limited company.

  • Total

    Our experts ensure you benefit from total transparency to achieve control and make better decisions.

  • Top-Notch
    Customer Support

    Our top-notch customer service ready to help and fix the issue no matter the time.

  • Secure Control

    Our website utilizes secure control panel to easily monitor your account in real time.

Affiliate program

2 Level Referral Program

Joining our affiliate program is 100% free and you don't need to have an active investment to earn with our referral program.


Level 1


Level 2

Leadership Bonus

Get additional $50 leadership bonus for every $1,500 worth of fresh investment of your 1st level referrals.

Representative Program

Represent our company in your local region and enjoy great company incentives and benefits.

Company Core Values


Our Company upholds the standards of integrity in all our company actions.

Honest Communication

We develop strong communication skills that will make a positive outcome for our clients

Commitment to Clients

Our company provides the best products and services that, together, deliver greater value to our investors.

Quality & Reliability

We uphold the basic principle. What we do, we do well

Continuous Development

We are developing a strong technical team to win the heart of our community and in every aspect of our company.

Team Oriented

Our team are working together, across all boundaries, to meet the needs of our clients and to help our Company succeed.

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